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    After doing some research, regarding Mario's sprite behavior, and talking with the author of the ROM-hack, I'm re-reviewing this game with a fresh mindset.
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    Titles swapped
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    Added missing info.
MetroidMst's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksA Guide in Terrible DesignMetroidMst2014-10-13 16:39:50
HacksA Must PlayMetroidMst2014-08-04 22:33:37
HacksMorph RequiredMetroidMst2013-11-22 14:11:06
HacksLow Impact - High FallsMetroidMst2013-11-21 07:22:08
HacksGood Players OnlyMetroidMst2013-10-27 21:42:58
HacksSave YourselfMetroidMst2013-10-26 05:47:19
HacksVery Solid - Remake has Good and BadMetroidMst2013-10-25 23:07:49
HacksGood Ideas - Bad ExecutionMetroidMst2013-10-24 22:09:39
HacksA Decent WorkoutMetroidMst2013-10-23 23:53:55
HacksDifferent Take on ExplorationMetroidMst2013-10-21 02:45:52
HacksSome Skill Required.MetroidMst2013-06-10 21:34:43
HacksMetroids Have A Planet?MetroidMst2013-04-03 15:06:26
HacksCraziness EnsuesMetroidMst2013-04-03 15:06:18
HacksAmazing HackMetroidMst2013-04-03 15:06:08
HacksMetroid Joins The ArcadeMetroidMst2013-04-03 15:05:58
HacksIt Was InterestingMetroidMst2013-04-03 15:05:46
HacksA Good ChallengeMetroidMst2013-04-03 15:05:32
HacksExploration Is FunMetroidMst2012-11-19 13:23:40
HacksJust Plain WowMetroidMst2012-01-04 20:37:18
HacksAmazing HackMetroidMst2012-01-03 17:16:10
HacksSolid EntryMetroidMst2012-01-02 13:57:14
HacksThe Big OneMetroidMst2012-01-02 13:56:12