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    I… forgot to change the review title. I'm sorry.
  • Reviews
    I recently gave this hack another look. I was almost completely wrong. Therefore, it's time for a new review!
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    Added the following features: - The mod now works on console. - Every shine is now obtainable. - Shadow Mario was replaced with Shadow Luigi. - All nozzles are connected to Luigi's poltergust FLUDD. - The poltergust FLUDD now displays correctly on the most recent version of Dolphin. - The diver helmet has been resized to fit Luigi's head. - The Luigi model now reflects sunlight correctly. - The Luigi model now blinks red when damaged. - Luigi now loses his hat when stolen by an enemy and takes it off after finishing a level. - Luigi now blinks and closes his eyes when asleep. - A few missing sound effects have been added back. - Luigi has a higher quality falling sound effect.
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    There was an oversight, so I fixed it. Thank you for updating.
Chris Miller's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksNot too bad.Chris Miller2016-04-17 01:46:24
HacksGreat ideas, not great execution.Chris Miller2015-07-07 22:33:12
HacksSeems rather busticatedChris Miller2015-03-13 10:29:01
HacksFor Hardcore Players Only!Chris Miller2015-03-06 10:00:53
HacksComplete ZeldagasmChris Miller2014-09-06 12:58:33
HacksGreat Twist on an OldieChris Miller2014-08-02 15:15:47
UtilitiesPowerPC Only!Chris Miller2014-06-09 11:53:45
HacksWell-doneChris Miller2014-02-05 21:48:52
HacksA Nice Little DiversionChris Miller2013-10-10 09:30:10
HacksNo way to even begin.Chris Miller2013-10-06 12:47:20
Hacks8 out of 10Chris Miller2013-07-18 16:12:05
HacksExcellent for beginners.Chris Miller2013-02-27 01:44:19
HacksUnbeatable on the SNESChris Miller2012-07-16 22:29:39
HacksBloody FunnyChris Miller2012-07-11 23:44:16
HacksLovely hacking skills, insane difficultyChris Miller2011-09-15 13:10:42