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Hrith's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksOriginal and surprisingHrith2016-12-29 21:18:45
HacksNot so much different.Hrith2011-02-07 18:21:07
HacksBrilliant workHrith2011-02-07 18:20:39
HacksBest ALttP hack so farHrith2011-02-07 18:19:58
HacksGood stuff, reallyHrith2011-02-07 18:19:16
HacksFantastic!Hrith2011-02-07 17:27:11
HacksDefinitelyHrith2011-02-07 17:17:06
HacksDisappointingHrith2011-02-07 17:16:34
HacksThis makes the GBA version perfectHrith2011-02-07 16:56:25
HacksBGE, WHEHrith2011-02-07 16:56:13