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FFVI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition V2.00 has been released!

18 February 2018 12:35AM EST - Update by Rodimus Primal

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

A major update to what many consider to be the best version of Final Fantasy VI, Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition 2.00 has been released. Many lines in the script have been fine tuned and corrected where it was needed. This also includes the Updated Opera versions that use the modern translations of the famous Opera scene in the game.

Several issues in previous versions have been corrected. This includes a character walking through a wall, and the Sketch bug finally being correctly fixed. In addition, the Bug-Fixes version now includes a large list of bug fixes available that fix some of the worst bugs in the game. A Bug Fix Compendium has been added to document all of the changes and tweaks made in the game.

The Music Player included has also had corrections made to the song titles that the previous version had incorrectly.

To help everyone that wonders what name changes were made to items and monsters, lists are now included to give players an understanding of where the names come from.

With the Bug Fixes, Updated Opera, Add-Ons, and Music Player added in, this presents a fantastic way to experience the game, whether its for first time players or long time fans.


Namingway Edition Updated to Version 1.6

29 November 2015 8:04PM EST - Update by Rodimus Primal

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition is a ROM Hack of Final Fantasy II (US) for the SNES. It used Project II as a base and updated the names of items, monsters, and spells to match more current localizations of Final Fantasy IV. It includes a B Button dash, has the maps restored (including the Developer’s Room), and has the original difficulty of the monsters from the Japanese version.

Version 1.6 updates with minor script fixes, but also fixes the bug caused by stepping onto save points while dashing. It fixes the issue with NPCs in a specific event in the game as well.

Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition Released

25 February 2015 10:42PM EST - Update by Rodimus Primal

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Based on vivify93’s Project II comes Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition. Now as a separate project, this hack aims to rename all the spells, items, monsters, etc as close to modern naming as possible. This was done with either abbreviations or other means. Also added to this, was a functional B Button Dash. Spell rates are reverted back to the original, and monsters (including the final boss) are restored to their original Final Fantasy IV difficulty.

Final Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition v1.6 Released!

25 December 2014 10:20AM EST - Update by Rodimus Primal

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Just in time for Christmas, Final Fantasy VI Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition has been updated to version 1.6!

With this updated release, two versions come in the package. One is the complete Uncensored Edition, without any further bug fixes to give the unchanged experience as if it was just released on the SNES. The second version adds a modest amount of bug fixes that don’t, for the most part, alter any gameplay, but fix problems that should have been fixed upon its initial release 20 years ago!

Both versions have a few tweaks that were needed such as updated item descriptions, and Raiden is now no longer a downgrade to Odin.