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TransCorp versus Heracles Results in Glorious English Translation!

26 December 2016 8:44PM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Rejoice! The news from Nightcrawler’s Translation Corporation is in! The Glory of Heracles IV: Gift from the Gods English translation has been released! This is a milestone in the fan translation community as it completes the last entry in the Glory of Heracles series. The entire series is now available in English for your enjoyment! Fans of Glory of Heracles III will be happy to know that nansahi also did the translation for the fourth game too! So, you can expect established styles and conventions to carry over. It is a rare treat to be able to do this for multiple fan translated games in the same series.

The bar is set high these days and Nightcrawler made every effort to ensure the hacking work met every expectation, and hopefully even raised the bar higher yet in some areas. ‘Making the impossible possible’ was a mantra often used during several trials of the project. The over 200 possible submenus that needed translation and adjustments that you can access in-game will surely attest to that!

For those not familiar with the game, Glory of Heracles IV is a blend of Greek mythology, the story of Pandora’s Box, and the quest for eternal life. Although Heracles is in the title of the game, he is not the principle character. The game is actually the story about some other characters, with Heracles as a secondary intertwined quest. Although it shares some Dragon Quest similarities, this is not a Dragon Quest clone. The gameplay and story are head and shoulders beyond what you’d find in a Dragon Quest game.

Some further details are available in the readme file for those of you interested in a second helping of project and game details. For the rest of you in a hurry to get things done, on to playing!

Glory of Heracles IV Script Translated

23 April 2013 6:27PM EST - Update by KingMike

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

It’s wonderful news that Nightcrawler has fully inserted a translated script for Glory of Heracles IV for SNES. Looks like a great game.

However Nightcrawler still has a ton of work ahead of him, as pretty much all other aspects of the game still need work. He has mentioned before that, perhaps no surprise to anybody who has tried to play the game before, hacking the menus is going to be a nightmare of work. They feature very intensive use of the SNES’ HDMA effects, and they already look pretty full in the Japanese original. It’ll be amazing to see what Nightcrawler (and DaMarsMan, if he’s still participating) can pull off in the end, though. Nightcrawler hopes to get a menu system that is at least functional off to his translator to play through the game for an additional script check.