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Star Cruiser II: The Odysseus Project - English Translation Released!

08 October 2017 10:23PM EST - Update by celcion

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Star Cruiser 2 blasts off into space! The translation patch is complete!

Hello everyone! We’re happy to say that we finally managed to finalize the translation patch for Star Cruiser 2, a PC-98/FM-Towns only sequel to Star Cruiser, which came out initially for PC-88 and was later ported to many other systems. This game is very similar to its predecessor, but adds a few new twists, such as a turn-based system and point’n'click adventure segments (well, a few of those at least). This is the last game in the series, though a new Star Cruiser game is supposedly in the works… either way, we hope you enjoy the game and find it a worthy successor to the first installment!