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Woolsey Fan Company "Spring Cleaning" Update

12 April 2020 8:54PM EST - Update by Polinym

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

The Woolsey Fan Company, or really just Polinym, has released what he calls the “Spring Cleaning” update to the two localizations of Pop Star Debut and Stardom Warriors! These updates bring new additions and bug-fixes.

Pop Star Debut:

Pop Star Debut is the English version of Japanese text-adventure game “Idol Hakkenden”. The game revolves around the talented young Sabrina E. Seltzer who dreams of becoming a world-famous pop star. On her quest to reach fame, she is confronted by an evil Pop Czar Feld who seeks to lure Sabrina to his evil Czarmy and conquer the world.

In this “Spring Cleaning” update, Pop Star Debut now comes with a full localization of the original game’s manual, modeled after actual Nintendo of America Instruction Booklets. All of the game’s typos, text-overflow, mistakes, and formatting mistakes have all been fixed. As usual, the game still has ALL text carefully formatted by hand so as to avoid sloppy text with line breaks in the middle of words with dashes.

Pop Star Debut also features several fixes to the original game found exclusively in the WFC version. One image in the end, the “Pop Czarina”, originally had the Czarina’s hair shifted over with part of her whip floating in the air. The WFC located the missing/unused tile and recreated the intended image.

The game’s cover and all promotional art features the character Sabrina with blonde hair. However, the original game displays her hair in-game as orange. This new update restores the intended design for the character and returns Sabrina’s hair to blonde. With this correction, Pop Star Debut aims to be the ultimate way for English-speakers to experience this game.

The WFC also has released the long-overdue official trailer for this localization:

Stardom Warriors:

Stardom Warriors is the English version of LaSalle Ishii’s Childs Quest for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a parody RPG starring a manager who leads his up-and-coming band of talented young girls to stardom and uncovers a dark and sinister force.

The occasional typos and text-overflow errors have seemingly all been fixed. Some of the game’s lines have been revised to include more of the “lore” that enhances the English version. The issue of incorrect colors being displayed on a portrait in the “thirsty” message has been fixed. An image near the end has also been polished up thanks to feedback.

In addition, although not a part of this particular update, Polinym’s famicom Dragon Quest translation received an update a while ago that solved the password issue, as well as some other mistakes.

Special shout-out to user Fray for offering feedback and catching many of the two localizations’ typos and mistakes!

Pop Star Debut (Idol Hakkenden) Unofficial Localization

05 September 2019 8:38AM EST - Update by Polinym

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Polinym of the Woolsey Fan Company (W.F.C.) has released a special translation of the Famicom game, Idol Hakkenden, which localizes the game as if it were released during the original NES era. The W.F.C. took care to ensure that all names, places, terms, and culture in Japanese was localized to things the general American audience with little to no Japanese knowledge could appreciate.

“Idol Hakkenden”, or Pop Star Debut as the W.F.C. has named it, is a Japanese text adventure about young Sabrina Seltzer who dreams of becoming a star. While on the surface it appears to be a “kiddie” game, several twists in the plot take the story in some shocking directions. Sabrina’s quest for stardom is threatened by an entertainment overlord with ambitions for world domination.

Pop Star Debut marks the W.F.C.’s first translation project. Polinym, currently the company’s only member, knew literally nothing of this game prior to translating it. He refused to look up any information about it unless absolutely necessary. This ensures that the game is more authentic as an American release, and not based on any other forms of translation.

The W.F.C. offers a truly unique experience for players. The game’s text was written not just to be a mere translation of the original, but enjoyable writing that would’ve appeared had the game been an American product.