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Shenmue II Spanish Translation released!

23 July 2015 8:48PM EST - Update by IlDucci

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

The three-year project that is the Shenmue II Spanish translation has finally been released for Dreamcast and XBOX.

This time, all texts from the game are fully translated, but that’s not all: A number of items have been uncensored, including Yuan’s sexuality, Hassan’s ethnicity, and many other fixes.

We’ve also dubbed certain scenes of the game: The Prologue is, once again, dubbed by Laura Peña or Rinneichan, but also the 2012 Digest Movie dub has been remastered for this translation. The XBOX version has a special cutscene dubbed to Spanish by 19 voice actors.

The Shenmue patch was also updated to make use of the new tricks found by the team and to implement a homogeneous translation of terms in both games. Now the Shenmue saga is fully translated to Spanish.