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Rhythm Heaven Text Translation Complete

11 July 2013 8:10PM EST - Update by W hat

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Rhythm Tengoku (literally “Rhythm Heaven”) is a quirky rhythm game for the GBA. It came out in Japan in 2006, but never made it anywhere else. Its 2 sequels (Rhythm Heaven and Rhythm Heaven Fever) have been translated and released overseas, but Tengoku never was.

A literal script translation has been finished for several years, but localization and text insertion into the ROM seriously begun in July 2012. This is the fourth group attempting to translate the game: earlier groups and individuals could not commit the time to finish the project.

The localization and script insertion were done by W hat and SirNiko, and the two were aided by an Atlas script that pelrun created long ago. Spikeman edited pelrun’s script and gave it to the current group at the start of the project.

This translation patch is a 100% complete text translation, but no graphical translation is done. The group is currently looking for capable ROM hackers to aid in insertion of translated English graphics.