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Super Mario Bros. 8 is here! (with a little bit of delay)

26 July 2021 6:07PM EST - Update by CryinOnion

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

With a little bit of delay, here is Super Mario Bros. 8!

This project has its origins in the 90’s, when it was usual to find bootleg consoles and cartridges of the old NES in small bazaars. The most popular of course, were those starring the Nintendo mascot, which led to a bunch of bizarre pseudo-sequels that exceded about twenty of them.

The vast majority of this bootleg games were actually hacks of games from reputable companies that bore some resemblance to the plumber. And of all those games, the best remembered was Super Bros. 8, which is actually a hack of Don Doko Don 2 modifying only the essential.

As the original game is pretty damn good, and even its authors admitted that they were inspired by the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, it’s not surprising that the author decided to use it as a base to create a “reimagining” of Super Bros. 8, which makes it feel like some kind of collaboration between Taito and Nintendo.

If you want to take a look at the game first, you can click on “relevant link”, where you'’ll find a short video introducing it (English subs available).

Below the video in the description you can have exclusive access to the “Onion’s Cut”, a patch that restores a small detail that had to be removed from the final version for violating the explicit content policy of the website, and some covers for the game created with original artwork from friends and enthusiastic fans.

And that is all. As you already imagine, romhacking is not very different from cooking: The greatest compliment you can receive is to see how people enjoy your meals, so “bon apetite”!