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Joy Mech Fight Special Update and Tournament

12 August 2021 10:26PM EST - Update by Streetwize

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

This is the biggest update yet for Joy Mech Fight Special! Alongside adding in extra palettes, The gameplay has been revamped once again to allow for more aggressive play. The ability to guard in certain situations such as landing and right after hitstun has been removed. This allows for combos outside of juggling such as jump attack followups, or making rapid attacks unable to be blocked if the first hit lands. To compensate, the damage scaling was made more strict by loosening the conditions. Dizzies are also overall easier to get out of for most characters. Combine that with plenty of extra balance changes and there is now a complete experience to be found. Unfortunately, the singleplayer mode’s presentation has been broken as a result of the palette changes. That isn’t to say it should be avoided though. The hacker redid the credits to not only show off the contributors but also tease a new character. As for who, there’s only one way to find out! The hacker plans to take a break for some time and possibly try working on other games, but this hack remains far from being finalized, especially with a teaser for this game’s future.

To celebrate this release, the hacker is hosting a tournament next week for this hack over on Fightcade 2. Click either link featured for more information.

Palette Project for Joy Mech Fight Special

01 July 2021 7:36PM EST - Update by Streetwize

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Joy Mech Fight is a fighting game on NES made by a small team who gathered together at a seminar. Nintendo simply went on to publish it and featured the main character as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is a technical marvel with some creative ways to work around the system’s limitations. Also notable is that it is one of the earliest instances of unlocking content. As simple as the game is, no game is without flaws. By fighting game standards flaws were aplenty that both added to and hurt the game. SP is a ROM hack meant to help improve the game by fixing such issues as well as improving character balance. Many new features were also added, and the purpose of this article is not only to generate interest but to give everyone a chance to contribute with a new feature now being worked on.

Extra colors to fight with is a rather big undertaking. Adding eight palettes for a whopping 36 characters makes for close to 300 that need to be made! Most fighting games at the time with only two palettes simply used the default color and the secondary color only appeared in mirror matches, but this game does something rare and locks each player as specific colors. Most of the time this inflexibility was done to save space for other data. However, the programmer of JMFSP understands that players like being able to choose a color to better represent themselves.

The developers thankfully already laid the groundwork to make this feature easy to add in as confirming a character requires two presses of the A button. Taking advantage of this was already demonstrated with alternate versions of the page 1 fighters. The programmer has a few rules as far as submissions go. Mainly, provide hex values for both the normal palette and the flashing palette if applicable as well as possibly an image. No more than eight extra palettes will be added for each character. He gets to decides which palettes stay if more than eight are submitted.

No hacking skills are required to help out with this. If interested, feel free to drop a comment here, reply to the thread, or join the Discord server.

Forum Link:

Discord Link:

Joy Mech Fight Special Stream (and update)

01 May 2021 5:42PM EST - Update by Streetwize

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Joy Mech Fight is a fighting game released on the Famicom in 1993 that never saw an overseas release. Despite Nintendo’s name being on it, it was developed by two people who met at a seminar, which Nintendo decided to pick up and market. It stands programmatically and graphically impressive with constant reuse of structured code and simplified graphics to create an impressive 36 characters for the game. Its late release had a fair bit to do with its lack of reception. It’s certainly not the greatest fighting game (even if it may be only one of three fun fighters on the NES) but it has proven to be unique with quirks that allow for those experienced to break the game. The controls are responsive, though special inputs are mostly simplified and lenient for accessibility. Those used to traditional fighting games may think the game is lacking. Many characters have hidden inputs for variations of special moves, some of which do use standard inputs.

Special is intended to be a more definitive experience for competitive play. Both characters and mechanics have been heavily tuned to better fit gameplay with another person. Some of the changes sadly break the AI for characters like John and Skater. Not everything for characters has been found yet, notably the special moves’ unique properties, but at least 90% of the core gameplay can be altered.

If you had v2a or v2b, please redownload the game. A bugfix patch is included as well as an update that further tweaks some characters. v2 was a large step of progress as free space in the PRG RAM was used to alter mechanics. The current focus is refining the game as much as possible while learning how to hack due to the hacker’s relative inexperience. The hacker is aware that people enjoy new content and features, but also knows it would be wise to avoid bringing down the project from overambition.

There is a tournament for this hack being hosted next week over FightCade 2. With rollback netcode and supporting a variety of systems, it’s a great medium even for cooperative play despite the 2-player limit. The version hosted here will be the one used for the tournament. The JMF Community Discord server (linked in the tourney page and below) can help anybody interested get prepared. It will be streamed on Update: Due to the lack of players, the stream will simply feature casuals between the organizer and hacker.

To help players better understand the hack, let’s go over a bit of the new balance on what many who played the original would consider a serious issue: the Stage 4 fighters. These characters are ranked among the best in the game, with Flame and Gaean thought of as the best overall while Hanzor is regarded as the worst of the eight; Houou is banned outside of Japan. They seem to be objectively better versions of the eight you use (while Houou can be seen as a mostly-upgraded SuperZak). They move faster, do more damage, and possess a variety of knockdown attacks. Two drawbacks exist for the new eight, however. The first is that their dizzy thresholds are slightly lowered; not by much though. The second is that their knockdown attacks have less stun when guarded, letting the opponent recover sooner. The latter doesn’t seem as intentional as the former. Both of these aspects were key factors in rebalancing the characters to create high-risk, high-reward gameplay and keep most of what they were given. Do not be scared to use any of them against others. Most of the roster has been improved anyway so no matter who these characters are against they are in for a greater challenge than before. And if you think they’re still too good, then post what you think on the Personal Projects thread as the hacker is open to feedback.

If you are interested in playing Joy Mech Fight or Joy Mech Fight Special with others then now is a good time to start with the growing English community on Discord. The hacker can easily be reached from there as well.