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Zelda 2 Redux now officially released!

03 October 2020 9:10AM EST - Update by ShadowOne333

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

A hack years in the making… finally hits its official release!

Zelda 2 Redux adds a ton of Quality of Life changes to the original Zelda 2, that it basically aims to make the Zelda 2 experience a much more enjoyable and balanced game throughout, so that users enjoy the game in a way they see fit!

The changelog is huge, from a completely revamped and revised script based on the original Japanese translation with expanded text boxes, reworked HUD to resemble other Zelda games, manual save feature, restored text and graphics, animated tiles in the overworld, the FDS battle theme integrated alongside the original NES one, rebalance of enemies and magic consumption, and much, much more!

Not enough for you? Or you still wish to experience the excruciatingly hard experience the original game had or don’t like certain features? Don’t worry, Zelda 2 Redux also includes optional patches to remove some features to make it akin to the original game, or even apply other optional patches to make the game easier for newcomers!

What are you waiting for? Get the hack and try it out! It might even make you enjoy Zelda II if you disliked it before!