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Mario Bros, now with some SMB3 sprites in!

25 November 2019 6:40PM EST - Update by S.D.A.

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

One of the first ever ROM hacks (not translation) made by S.D.A., which replaces the original Mario/Luigi designs with the ones from the Mario Bros. minigame on Super Mario Bros. 3 (which can be played only when in 2-player mode).

The inspiration of this hack was right by the minigame’s sprites, especially because it features the same mechanics of the original game which this patch is based on. So, by confronting the sprites and the games, S.D.A. finally found an idea and said: “Why not hacking those minigame characters in the original Mario Bros?”. And that’s how this hack was made.

This news was released right for its 100th download in total, being the second project so far that passed this number, among the author’s first French translation of SMB1.