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Rockman 5: Double Jumper Released!!

08 November 2015 3:40AM EST - Update by rock5easily

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

ROCKMAN5 Double Jumper is a romhack of Rockman 5 (NOT Mega Man V).

Fight your way again against Blues’s army of robots of mass destruction with a new ability, the Double Jumper (that is, he can jump in mid-air, doubling his jumping height, like Forte and Zero). An additional powerup item for the Double Jumper is the Dash Can that boosts Rockman’s speed.

The hack features an extensive variation of support items and weapon functions, new levels, and revved up boss AI. An auto-save feature is also implemented over the password system.

Compliments go to Hydden for the background music featured in this hack.