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Unprecedented Crisis 3.0

02 November 2015 6:46AM EST - Update by pinkpuff

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

This will likely be the last significant update to Unprecedented Crisis, barring any major game-breaking bug reports. This update features:

  • The FF4kster config folder is now included in the zip, so if you wish to edit the rom in FF4kster, you can do so with everything labelled correctly (well, pretty much everything).
  • There is now something special that happens when you beat the game with solo Cecil. In addition, a different special thing will happen based on whether you beat it with solo Dark Knight or solo Paladin. You’ll have to do it to find out what, but let’s just say there’s more to it than just a modified ending sequence.
  • In order to make it a little easier to accomplish the above, the Aegis shield now has its KO immunity back, and a different solution to the Shadow dragon lock has been implemented.

Unprecedented Crisis - Version 2

05 August 2015 7:39PM EST - Update by pinkpuff

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

After a lot of useful feedback from people who played the first version, the new and improved version of the extensive Final Fantasy 4 hack, Unprecedented Crisis, is ready for release.

There are quite a few things fixed and/or improved over version 1. The readme explains them in more detail, but the highlights are:

  • Smoother difficulty curve, particularly the underworld.
  • Fewer damage floors and more ways to avoid them.
  • New commands! Cid gets “Dash” which allows him to ram into an enemy like Umaro from FF6, and Kain gets “Lance” (Lancet) which drains HP.
  • Starting inventory; sort and trash now start at the top.
  • Automatic party size tracking; you can no longer choose to overfill your party and wreck your game.
  • More hints given about where to go and what to do. You should definitely check out Baron’s Training Room and the Agart Inn.
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements.

Unprecedented Crisis

02 July 2015 4:45AM EST - Update by pinkpuff

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

One of the most comprehensive hacks of Final Fantasy 4 to date (as far as this author is aware), Unprecedented Crisis seeks to showcase the various capabilities of the all-in-one FF4 hacking tool, FF4kster. It does contain some asm hacks which cannot be achieved in the editor alone, but these are few in number and mostly for cosmetic purposes. Otherwise, anything you see in this game can generally be accomplished somehow using FF4kster.

The characters have all undergone significant changes gameplay-wise which, in some cases, propagate into changes in the story (for example, you can’t learn “Fire” if you don’t have black magic). There are also many new and/or different weapons, armor, magic, monsters, and dungeons.

The story is very much the same up until a certain point (which will not be spoiled in this news article), at which time it completely diverges from the original and begins an entirely new sequence of events.

The latter section of the story contains a “world-of-ruin” style open world where you can do any (or none) of a variety of side-quests, many of which will add (or remove!) characters to your party, thus allowing you to, in a less direct way than earlier remakes of FF4, configure your final party. In addition, the decisions you make at this stage in the game can affect details about the ending, some more significant than others.