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The star of the Algo System shines with a new intensity

20 October 2021 11:14AM EST - Update by vikfield

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Phantasy Star Makeover is sprite modification for the Sega Master System’s Phantasy Star. It redesigns a lot of the game sprites with newer ones inspired by the art style of the PlayStation 2 remake. This project includes the previous Phantasy Star CSI, that is in fact a sprite modification for the main characters. This mod is compatible with other hacks for this game. You can check out some translation hacks like the Brazilian Portuguese one by mad-dentist, that is already using a previous version of this project. This wonderful game never get old, but if you want to give it a new look, then you can try this hack.

Mega Man X New Order

11 October 2021 12:12PM EST - Update by korius

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

New Order is a level edit hack that completely revamps item collection in Mega Man X. You can now acquire each part of the Light Armor in any order you choose, as well as each Sub Tank and Heart Tank without any prerequisite items. These changes have been made with great care in order to keep the gameplay and progression feeling organic. The only obstacles that have been left in place are stage-specific conditions, such as the ice in Flame Mammoth’s stage or the water in Sting Chameleon’s stage.

Full list of changes on the project page. Remember to leave a review!

101 ZAMN Has Released!

10 October 2021 4:49AM EST - Update by Zombie101

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

have you ever played “Zombies Ate My Neighbors” on the SNES and thought. “this game is just too difficult to beat?” Well then 101 ZAMN is the Zombies Ate My Neighbors hack for you!

101 ZAMN is the easiest Zombies Ate My neighbors hack as of today and features generous weapon pickups and easy to save victims so you don’t have to worry about getting a game over every other second.

101 ZAMN also features:

•55 new level layouts with modified music from the original Zombies Ate My Neighbors game.

•new weapons drop table, slow palette fade for saving tourist victim easier and new game over screen color.

•reverse item cycling (hold L button and press the B or A button), to go through your weapon inventory backwards.

Hope you enjoy.

  • Zombie101

Mega Man Xtreme 2 Dash Button has released!

28 September 2021 6:33AM EST - Update by ArcadeGamer1929

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Mega Man Xtreme 2 lacks something that the original has: a dedicated dash button.

In this ROM Hack, the dash button is now coded to use Select, a new button config. option has been added to switch between it and the control schemes from the unmodded game, and save files are compatible with the unmodded game.

I hope you enjoy this as much as it was to make this!

And after some extra work, let me introduce Binary Twist 1.1

18 September 2021 10:08AM EST - Update by CryinOnion

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Despite the fact that Binary Twist was born as a quick project thought for its author to recover the contact with the hacks after a break, the truth is that it felt like it was missing something…

For that reason it has been decided to invest some additional work to give it a unique personality that differs from the original, blending the inspiration from the MSX version with a few nice touches to finally bring something special to Binary Land that (maybe) deserves to be played.

Also, taking note of the complaint of a member of the community, the baby penguin Power-Up is replaced by… a human baby? In this case by Guron (Gurin’s little brother).

Judge for your own and enjoy it!

Ys III Renewal released!

10 September 2021 5:59PM EST - Update by Plombo

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

After 15 months of development, Ys III Renewal has been released!

Ys III Renewal is a project that seeks to introduce a decent English script into Ys III: Wanderers from Ys. The text of the game has been fully edited, and in some places retranslated, to create the most readable and accurate English version of the game. All names have also been updated to match the modern localizations of the Ys series by XSEED and NIS America. In addition to all of that, it contains some graphical changes to make Ys III on Genesis look better while more closely resembling the X68000 version that it was originally ported from.


So here it is Binary Land... with a twist

09 September 2021 5:52PM EST - Update by CryinOnion

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Actually, there’s not much to explain: This is Binary Land…. with a twist XD.

This classic from Hudson Soft. was very popular in Japan and published on a bunch of systems: First on computers of the time (NEC PC-8801, FM-7) and then, in intervals of one year, on MSX and Famicom (which today are the most lovely remembered). Their roms have been preserved, so it is easy to have the chance to play them via emulation. The funny part (and what gave origin to this Hack) is that although being very similar, they show a notable difference: In the Nintendo’s console version, the main character couple are penguins and in the MSX one… kids. So, with this in mind and just for fun (the project didn’t take more than a couple of days to be finished), Binary Twist has born.

Features list:

● The main protagonist penguins have been replaced by a couple of kids, using directly the MSX sprites as a base.

● The title screen has been modified to fit with the theme of the Hack.

● Some minor improvements in the items

Version 1.1 of Megaman 1 - Limbo Edition is out

07 September 2021 3:44PM EST - Update by Timaeus

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

After months, Megaman 1 - Limbo edition has been updated, according to feedback that has been received about v1.0. The visual style has been changed to have better contrast, also with proper backgrounds. Also, bosses, weapons, level design and music has been changed as well since 1.0. While the old version lacks music, this time there are eerie, slow little remixes of the original Megaman 1 music to fit the atmosphere better. Enjoy the new version. Peace~

Rockman 7 EP English Translation RELEASED!

04 September 2021 9:10AM EST - Update by Zynk

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

At last, the Extraordinarily Profound romhack of Rockman 7, a Super Nintendo game, was modified into Rockman 7 EP, can now be played in English language!

Rockman 7 EP is a very sophisticated romhack that not only modified stages, but also added tons of changes to Enemy Placements and robot master behavior, special weapons, and story. What’s more surprising to this is that the author, Puresabe, provided an Extra Patch for changing the game’s language into English, the Enable Language Switching patch. However, the Enigmatic Patch does not translate the game as it was left unchanged, or rather it was Encouragingly Prepared for someone to one day have the guts to translate the game into English. And this is where the translation task was Exceptionally Performed by Zynk Oxhyde! After months of hacking, he actually did it and released the patch for Every Person who wishes to play/replay the game in English.

Note: This Earnest Project only hacks the texts as it is intended for the Enable Language Switching patch.

Patching instructions:

  • 1. Apply first Rockman7EP102.ips patch over an unmoddified Rockman 7 ROM.
  • 2. Next, apply Rockman7EP102-English.ips over prepatched Rockman 7 EP ROM.
  • 3. To play the game in English, at the titlescreen press SELECT.

A very special thanks to the Excellent Programmer, Puresabe for providing support!

NBA Jam 2K22 TE: The pinnacle of 16-bit NBA action is here!

02 September 2021 11:43AM EST - Update by eskayelle

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Double Z and Mattrizzle’s next collab brings with it full use of the Mattrizzle Player Engine, and in turn at least 250 playable characters! Look for 64 secret players, a handful of hiddens available only through par codes, and a massive roster update in this release. With more than 170 current NBA players at your fingertips, each team’s expanded roster has no less than five jammers from the end of the 2020-21 season. As of 2K22 TE’s release, no other NBA Jam hack out there boasts this many current NBA players.

With v2.0 of the Mattrizzle Player Engine, the mods extend beyond player accessibility and into the following realms:

A substantial graphics update sets fonts and palettes that much closer to the arcade. Check out those sweet courts!

Break backboards! The feature lost after the original SNES NBA Jam (but found its way into College Slam) is back! Locate a maxed out dunker and see if you can shatter some glass!

Just wanna watch a game? Set up simulations a la Tecmo Bowl with the new Spectate feature, pit your favorite teams against each other, sit back, and watch the show!

Meanwhile, enjoy these other features known to the 2KTE series…

  • Battle from worst to first, based on the latest season standings and playoffs.
  • Injury stats max out at a whopping 50. No shove, no love!
  • Konami codes from previous hacks get you easy access to expanded rosters, plus the special teams.
  • Secret players are accessible in campaign mode, with their records available to save.
  • Cycle both forward AND backward through players on the team select screen.
  • “Greyscaled” uniform portraits allow for more seamless future roster swaps.
  • Updated court colors, uniform colors, logos, and banners are all over the game.
  • New and extended announcer sound clips put more Kitzrow in your ears.
  • Bug fixes from past hacks keep the pushin’ and shovin’ “professional”.
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