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DSNESDS – the SNES devkit that never was…

15 November 2013 6:36PM EST - Update by DSNESDS

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

Here it is. DSNESDS. Digisalt SNES Development Studio. An integrated SNES development environment which was meant to become one of the most powerful development tools for SNES… Unfortunately due to lack of time and finally a shift in personal preferences this piece of software could never reach the state of a first complete release. As various issues had to be solved, there were three different versions developed which share hardly any common codebase…

Probably the most complete and advanced version is DSNESDS v2 which includes a quite advanced tileeditor for SNES games… it features copy/paste from other applications via the system clipboard as well as various editing modes and integrates with the color palettes of the current project… also version two allows integration of WLA-DX for final assembly of the source so you could actually compile stuff with it…

All three versions come with sourcecode attached so you can go and pick up where things were left… also some graphical libraries developed for version 2 are downloadable at the page…

Hope there’s someone who likes the idea of an IDE for SNES games and probably picks things up one day… you can grab everything here:

Digisalt SNES Tileeditor

15 November 2013 6:36PM EST - Update by Digisalt SNES Tileeditor

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

This is basically a reimplementation of TileLayer Pro in Java which makes it possible to run the program on any modern operating system (as opposed to the original program which was Windows only).

The original idea was to develop it for DSNESDS. In the end it was more of a finger exercise for the vastly superior tileeditor developed for the IDE… Still though this version was finished and features all of the original programs features (I think) including tileset editing and palette editing.

So if you’re a linux/Macos guy you might want to give it a try.

New Utilities Added to the Database

12 October 2013 12:18AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Utilities News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Utilities have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

FCEUX 2.2.2 released!

25 September 2013 4:42PM EST - Update by AnS

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

The recent release of the most powerful NES emulator has brought some new features useful for romhacking.

First, the built-in Hex Editor got a new feature called “Highlight Activity”, which helps monitoring memory changes (e.g. when you’re comparing two savestates, searching for a certain discrepancy).

Also, remember that annoying quirk of all known NES Debuggers, where you couldn’t scroll the disassembly up by whole instruction? That’s because 6502 instructions have variable len… ok, forget it.

More importantly, Symbolic Debugging finally works like it should have been working all these years since FCEUXDSP. Basically, you right-click any address and label it with a name. From this point FCEUX will substitute the address with the name everywhere: in disassembly listings, in trace logs, in Hex Editor window caption. This immensely helps reverse-engineering games.

Usually, when beginning a new hacking project, you stumble upon walls of incomprehensible assembly, and you start searching for certain memory addresses which could lead you to the necessary part of the code. Sometimes it’s enough to set a breakpoint onto a visual variable (like sprite coordinates/tiles map/etc), but more often you have to dig through the game, documenting data structures (in a text file) and figuring out the code control flow. Well, now you can forget Notepad and use Symbolic Debugging. Even when you barely understand why e.g. this certain code branches over there, right-click the address and call it something semi-definite, like “GotoHereIfVerticalCoord=1F“, then keep reading and doing the same to the following lines - soon you’ll notice you understand the situation better and better. Because you’re actually restoring a part of the source code of the game, without diving deeper than necessary, only looking at things relevant to your current needs.

For more info, see updated docs on FCEUX Debugger here.

Other debugging tools (Trace Logger, PPU Viewer, Code/Data Logger) were also improved in this new version. Read the whole changelog here.

FF4kster v0.4

29 August 2013 1:40PM EST - Update by pinkpuff

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

FF4kster, the all-in-one editor for Final Fantasy 4, has finally received a large update. Some major bugs were fixed and some significant components have been added:

The new monster editor allows you to change the details of individual monsters, including not only their HP, Exp, Gil values, battle stats, and elemental and other special properties, but also their item drops, and even their AI behaviour and reaction scripts.

In addition, there is now a formation editor which allows you to edit particular battles, including what groups of monsters are fought, as well as various other properties such as whether you can flee from the fight or not, or whether you will get game over from losing the fight or not.

Finally, the new encounters editor allows you to manipulate what groups of monsters you can randomly encounter in what areas.

New Utilities Added to the Database

07 August 2013 7:12PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Utilities News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Utilities have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

CompressTools upgraded to version 2.0

22 July 2013 5:39AM EST - Update by Bregalad

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

CompressTools has been upgraded to version 2.0

CompressTools is currently the most advanced tool for compressing data. It’s key feature is being able to “compile” data to be compressed from a script (instead of using raw files), and being able to separate multiple data blocks (like multiple maps or lines of text within a game, for instance).

It will then using a dozen of different compression algorithms, allowing the user to instantly see the most efficient algorithms, but it is also possible to force using a single algorithm and insert CompressTools in a compilation chain.

Some major fixups have been made since the last version.

New features :

  • Strings and chars can use all unicode chars, and they can be mapped to bytes.
  • Escape sequences are now implemented within strings.
  • The StaticDictionary algorithm is now much improved, it is still the slowest, especially for large data where it can take a dozen of minutes to compress, however, it is still “usuable”, as opposed to it’s previous version.
  • A tool to convert from plaintext to input scripts has been made.
  • No single byte blocks added any longer for compression parameters, now they are handled as defines

Editroid 3.5 Released

15 June 2013 2:59PM EST - Update by snarfblam

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

Editroid 3.5 has been released. This new version adds a built-in assembler to Editroid and allows users to add a screen-load routine to any screen. This makes it easier to do all sorts of things. Different graphics and music can be loaded for different parts of an area, The appearance of a screen can change based on the player’s status, and so on.

New Utilities Added to the Database

11 June 2013 2:52PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Utilities News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Utilities have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Link's Awakening Level Editor - Release

23 May 2013 1:16PM EST - Update by Fatories

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

After over a year in making, LALE is finally ready for its release. This hacking tool is designed for Link’s Awakening DX on the Gameboy Color and has all the tools needs for a basic ROM hack including a text editor.

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