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New translation group open for business

11 May 2008 8:10PM EST - Update by KaioShin

Translations News

Kingcom and KaioShin joined forces to found The Romhacking Aerie. The new translation group’s goal is to bring many more high-quality translations to the community. Since the cooperation with Caravan Heart worked out so well, this was only a natural development.

Currently there are three active projects being worked on:

  • Super Robot Wars: Judgement (GBA)
  • SMT Devil Children - Flame Book (GBA)
  • SMT Devil Children - Ice Book (GBA)

SRWJ is already well underway and most of the hacking work has been finished. The script translation is currently at about 15%, out of a 3MB script. The Devil Children games need a ton of additional work due to their (horrible) programming, but they are coming along steadily. A few menu strings to get us started have already been translated, the main script translation is being taken care of soon. There is also a preview video showcasing our work in action.

Furthermore there are two more projects which still need a translator.

The former is a remake of the legendary SMT for the SNES. It features greatly improved graphics and a few tweaks to the game in general. Not to mention it’s for a portable console this time! Magical Vacation is a prequel to Magical Starsign, which was released in English on the Nintendo DS. If you’re interested in translating either of these games, contact us (KaioShin or KC) on the message board. Script samples can be obtained above. Script size for SMT will be around 1MB, Magical Vacation is around 600KB.

Last but not least - KaioShin has released a small yet very useful new romhacking tool. Table Creator takes a file with a list of Japanese or Latin characters and automatically generates a table out of it. If you have ever worked on a game with 500 kanji or even more, you’ll know how welcome this is.

Tomorrow's Joe translation released

09 May 2008 5:26PM EST - Update by Kitsune Sniper

Translations News

After who knows how many years, I’ve finally finished a new translation for Tomorrow’s Joe (Ashita No Joe), a semi-awful boxing game based on the famous boxing manga released in the 1970’s. The patch is 99% complete; the only untranslated bit is the scrolling title text that shows up when you first turn on the game. Everything else is finished. Be sure to use a rom with a header!

There may be some graphic glitches in the endings; they might be related to savestates, but I couldn’t verify it at this time. If you have any issues, be sure to contact me at my website.

Staff - Grab the patch here at RHDN.

Suguri English Translation Released

08 May 2008 1:27PM EST - Update by Sara-chan

Translations News

I have released a complete translation of the Japanese doujin danmaku shooting game, Suguri.

Created in 2005 by Daidai Jiru (also known as Orange Juice), Suguri is an anime-style shooter starring a girl named Suguri, on a quest to save her planet from mysterious invaders from the sky. She does this using her powers of flight and various weapons, more of which are unlocked as the game progresses.

The translation patch covers everything in the game itself. It does not translate the opening video or the manual.

RHDN Suguri Page

RHDN 2.1 Launches!

07 May 2008 1:07PM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

The next significant upgrade to our site, RHDN 2.1, has launched! While several enhancements were made, the centerpiece of this update was the addition of user reviews to the Documents, Utilities, Translations, and Hacks sections. We want constructive, helpful reviews. It’s not a popularity contest or bandwagon hopping game. We won’t be afraid to reject user reviews that don’t follow the guidelines (available on any review form submission page).

Here is a sample of what we’d like to see as an average review on this site. Some purposes that could be served by the Reviews will be to weed out outdated items, recommend better alternatives, provide helpful user experiences etc..

RHDN 2.1 adds several bells and whistles and here they are:

  • User Reviews added to the Documents, Utilities, Translations, and Hacks sections. You can add or edit (your own) reviews right from the individual entry pages.
  • Extended Pages to list recent edits and new additions have been added for each section. Click the ‘More…’ links in the right hand bar for each section.
  • Added a Maintenance link so the public can further and more easily contribute to maintaining the integrity of our database.
  • Last modified dates were added to all major section to show when the last time an entry was edited.
  • A Submission Queue Status page was added on the Submit Files Page (at the bottom). Now you can see items currently in queue and the status of your submission.
  • A News Queue Status page was added on the Submit News Page (at the bottom). Now you can see items currently in queue and the status of your news submission.
  • Full and proper support was added for multiple authors on Translation entries. Secondary authors now come up correctly in searches and the Community Database will accurately reflect their work. Translators such as filler or Tomato who are attached to entries as a second (or beyond) author get the correct site exposure.

New Submitted Hacks Added to the Database

06 May 2008 9:19AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

New Submitted Documents Added to the Database

06 May 2008 9:19AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Documents News

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The following Documents have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Namco X Capcom Beta Translation Released

05 May 2008 3:37PM EST - Update by saito

Translations News

Today is the anniversary of this project so, here is a beta version of this translation as we promised. I’d like to thank this community for all their support, I’m sure that without their help, we couldn’t have completed this translation.

This is the work of one year at a non-stop pace, however the patch is not fully tested so it contains some bugs and other errors that we need to fix. Please, read entirely the “Readme.txt” file for further information about the errors and compatibilities. Thank you very much and enjoy this beta.

RHDN Namco X Capcom Page

Eisfrei - Herzog Zwei ROM Editor

04 May 2008 8:11PM EST - Update by hugues

Utilities News

Eisfrei is an open source ROM editor for the Sega Genesis game Herzog Zwei.

The first release allows editing of text, unit attributes, order attributes, and tile-based graphics. With this editor you can make the game much easier, much more difficult, or create some interesting 2-player scenarios.

Staff Note: Eisrei is also available here on RHDN.

Honoo No Toukyuuji - Dodge Danpei 2 English Translation Released

03 May 2008 11:50AM EST - Update by saito

Translations News

The Dodge Danpei NES saga is now completed with this translation. This second game is even more RPG-like than the first game, and has a great story mode where you can battle non-selectable teams.

I included in the distribution package an auto IPS file and an UPS file, so everybody can choose their own patching method. For further information read the “Readme.txt” file within the pack. Thanks and enjoy this translation.

RHDN Honoo No Toukyuuji - Dodge Danpei 2 Page

Lufia & The Fortress of Doom - 100% German Translation just released

01 May 2008 2:58AM EST - Update by FloBo

Translations News

The final version (v1.0) of the German translation for “Lufia & The Fortress of Doom” has been released! This is the first patch ever released translating the complete dialog script of the game, as well as all text graphics into German. This is comprised of over 3000 dialog strings (that corresponds to more than 300 pages of text in font size 10 in an office document). Of course all menu screens and items are German as well.

Please provide feedback to digisalt_AT_gmx_DOT_de if you like to and have fun with the patch :)

RHDN German Lufia Page