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Super Mario World

28 July 2014 8:25AM

Technical Help - SNES

I am making a random level generator based on Infinite Mario Bros by Mojang (I intend to add more random level generators and improve upon them not simply clone them). I have little rom hacking experience but know java if you would like to help email or pm me.

ACE COMBAT 3 electrosphere

01 July 2014 10:03PM

Translation Help - PSX

Our translation project is looking for a Japanese-English translator.

The translator will proof-read and re-translate lines of dialogue where necessary in order to improve the quality of the preexisting translation that is currently being inserted in the game.

Our team is very small and in dire need of additional support.

Those interested can contact me via PM on this very site or via e-mail at dragonspike[at]projectnemo[dot]net

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner

26 June 2014 9:52AM

Technical Help - PSP

I’ve been working on a translation of the script of this game for around a year now with another fellow, and it’s nearly done.

However, we’ve only got the language part covered, so we need someone who can do PSP hacking, in this case to implement the text translation from Japanese to English.

Any skill level is appreciated, but some cursory Japanese knowledge wouldn’t hurt. If interested, just post in the thread or PM me.

Detective Conan: Legacy of the British Empire

17 June 2014 5:30PM

Translation Help - PS2

Hi there. I am in need of a Japanese translator/speaker. If he had had previous experience working with JAP fonts and files, would be greatly appreciated.

Post in the thread, or PM me.

It is a great game, and i think a short one, so it should take much.


Also in need of a graphics editor

Best Wishes, krat0s. Cheers.


11 June 2014 5:37PM

Translation Help - SNES

A nice game to say the least. Begging to be completed by a great translator such as yourself. The project is in a pretty advanced state as far as hacking and some miscellaneous translation work Goes. All it needs is a dedicated translator to Put it over the hump! If you are willing to help us translate this wonderful game, you can contact me Directly or Draken, project coordinator / writer at Draken@Dynamic-Designs.us. Thank you

Final Fantasy IX

13 May 2014 5:27PM

Technical Help - PSX


I’m currently making a program for Final Fantasy IX and I wish to add a Damage Calculator feature in it. I would like the help of anyone with a good knowledge of Final Fantasy IX’s battle mechanics and preferably some knowledge in RAM data finding. You’ll be helped by my tool, Hades Workshop, so you don’t have to make any ROM modifications by hand (check the link at the bottom of the ad).

The spells in FF-IX have several fields and these are the main ones related to the task :

  • Effect : the main field. It tells the spell’s purpose and affects how the other fields are handled. Examples of effects are “Magic Attack” or “Bad Status”.

  • Power : generally defines how much damage an attacking spell do though there are some exceptions.

  • Element : defines the elemental affinities of the spell if its compatible with the effect.

  • Status : defines the status the spell add to or remove from the target.

  • Accuracy : sometimes, it’s the accuracy for the spell to successfully hit, sometimes it’s the accuracy to successfully add a status in addition to damage, etc…

In addition to spell’s fields, the caster’s and the target’s stats are taken in account for most spell effects.

The thing I ask is to get the list of the effects and for each one of them get the following points :

  • If the effect deals damage or heals, get the damage formula, depending on the caster’s, the target’s and the spell’s stats. Do not take in account elemental, monster class, trance, supporting abilities or status related bonuses. Also get the success rate of dealing the damage.

  • Check if the effect can add a status and get the success rate of inflicting it.

  • Check if the effect takes the elemental field in account (in particulary, does the “Earth”-elemented effect works on flying targets?).

  • If there is anything particular for one spell effect, investigate it (for example, Limit Glove’s effect can only successfully hit if the caster’s HP are exactly 1).

  • Check what are the differences between when the caster and/or the target is a player’s character and when it is an enemy.

Some of the damage formulas are already known from finalfantasy.wikia.com, but it would be nice to confirm them. Getting the success rate or the exact damage formula (which can use some random in it) is quiet hard. That’s where a knowledge in RAM searching (which I have not) can be usefull, I hope.

There are also other fields in the spell to be aware of. The “Animation” field defines the SFX, camera movements and a bunch of other stuff. In particular, there is what I call the “damage point”, the moment when the status and damage are dealt. In some animations, this damage point is missing or is not defined for multi-targeting and thus the spell’s effect will never apply. I suggest you to use the animation of What’s That!? which is kinda short and can target everyone in one shot (if multi-targeting is enabled).

There are flags at the bottom of the spells’ fields. It may be a good idea to uncheck them all because some of them have unknown effects. I think the “Is Magic” flag has no impact on the spell’s damage (or maybe only in combination with the supporting ability Concentrate).

Also, some few spells are specially handled not by their effect but by their position in the spell list. The Summons are ones of those, as well as Meteor. Please don’t make tests using those spell slots. I think you can assume that all the white magics and black magics except Meteor are not slots of this kind.

I have nothing for rewarding you, except a place in the program’s credit and my eternal gratitude ^^’ So please make it only if you’re passionate and not afraid of long boring tests.

Feel free to PM me for any other information.

Thank you for reading.

Summon Night Craftsword Monogatari: Hajimari no Ishi

22 April 2014 5:57PM

Technical Help - GBA


I’m looking for an ASM hacker that can help us with the insertion of the translated script in the game.

The text extraction was possible thanks to Ritchburn’s tools, and the script’s already 100% translated.

Problem is, because of the compression used the script requires to be adapted so it can be properly inserted.

As our main hacker is busy, i request someone who can help them finish this task.

For more information just send a message here: http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php/topic,16818.0.html

or send me a PM.

You’re also encouraged to contact TLZ (our hacker) through a PM or by the IRC: http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.sorcery.net&channel=%23Summon-Night

if they are busy, leave a message instead.



Digimon Adventure

18 March 2014 8:28AM

Technical Help - PSP

Hello, I’m looking for an ASM hacker that can help us in technical aspect…

We have release new patch version but sadly we don’t have skill in ASM so that we can fix the text alignment…

for more info please message me here… or visit http://www.datehacks.org/portal.php

Regards, xhai

Berwick Saga

10 February 2014 12:31PM

Technical Help - PS2

Is anyone up for an English fan translation of this pseudo-sequel to Tear Ring Saga from the original creators of Fire Emblem back in the SNES days – which also happens to be one of the greatest SRPGs of all time (imo)?

I’ve beaten Berwick Saga multiple times and have read through all official publications (2-volume novel, and all the comic anthologies, and 4-panel comics). Please consider translation/localization covered (more help is always welcome of course, but I imagine my love for this game would keep me from burning out), but I would need MAJOR help on the hacking/text-insertion/debugging part.

If anyone makes progress with text extraction and would like to proceed with translation, please let me know.

(The link leads to a forum for the completed Simplified Chinese fan translation. Asking for their advice on hacking-related matters may be a possibility worth considering)

Biomotor Unitron 2

19 January 2014 9:51PM

Translation Help - NGPC

I have a lot of the translation done. I would like help in the following ways.

The translation of dialogue.

Pointer help, to increase dialogue and menu limitations

Rearrange how the fighting menu is done, as to reflect how a USA RPG would read, instead of a Japanese RPG.

Titlescreen edit.

I’d love to see this completed, if anyone is interested.

Thank you


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