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Color-Changing Tingle's Love Balloon Trip

19 February 2014 2:03PM

Translation Help - NDS

Hello, We are looking for help in translating the script of Color Changing Tingle’s Love Balloon Trip from Japanese to English. It is a spinoff of The Legend of Zelda series and a sequel to Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland.

We have the entire script dumped. Also, the entire script is in kana, there is no kanji.

I am told that the game uses a preschool level of vocabulary and grammar, so it’s not too complicated.

Berwick Saga

10 February 2014 12:31PM

Technical Help - PS2

Is anyone up for an English fan translation of this pseudo-sequel to Tear Ring Saga from the original creators of Fire Emblem back in the SNES days – which also happens to be one of the greatest SRPGs of all time (imo)?

I’ve beaten Berwick Saga multiple times and have read through all official publications (2-volume novel, and all the comic anthologies, and 4-panel comics). Please consider translation/localization covered (more help is always welcome of course, but I imagine my love for this game would keep me from burning out), but I would need MAJOR help on the hacking/text-insertion/debugging part.

If anyone makes progress with text extraction and would like to proceed with translation, please let me know.

(The link leads to a forum for the completed Simplified Chinese fan translation. Asking for their advice on hacking-related matters may be a possibility worth considering)

Biomotor Unitron 2

19 January 2014 9:51PM

Translation Help - NGPC

I have a lot of the translation done. I would like help in the following ways.

The translation of dialogue.

Pointer help, to increase dialogue and menu limitations

Rearrange how the fighting menu is done, as to reflect how a USA RPG would read, instead of a Japanese RPG.

Titlescreen edit.

I’d love to see this completed, if anyone is interested.

Thank you


La Pucelle: Ragnarok

18 January 2014 6:09PM

Translation Help - PSP

I am looking for a Japanese to English translator to work on the PSP game La Pucelle Ragnarok.

I have been using the PS2 text to translate the game but there’s significant new content in the PSP version of the game. I am getting close to having inserted all the PS2 content into the PSP game. I have created my own toolkit that can process most the files in the game.

I am currently about 65% of the way done with the translation of LPR. I have completed all the menus, items, skills, names, NPCs, and 11 of 12 chapters of the game. There are 4 chapters that are new to the PSP version and also many NPCs. I have been releasing patches at GBATemp.


If you are interested in helping with the translation, please let me know.

Pokemon Gold Beta/Alpha REVIVAL 1.5

24 December 2013 3:42PM

Technical Help - GB

I need help for various things in Pokemon Gold Beta/Alpha Revival for 1.5’s release. Heres what I need -

-Item programmers-

  • We need Sweet Honey done but it’ll be a big project that may be in 1.6. Not too much required.
  • Warp/Event Programmers-
  • Cinnabar Island Lab has an unused map in-game. Need it implemented. But there’s no event/warp data. That is what’s needed. URGENT!
  • Someone who can implement the planned trainers for victory road (Mag Covers). Not really needed but it’d be cool if people can help out.
  • Unused memory game needs to be done. URGENT
  • Mr. Chrono is needed in Silent Hills. Debug menu may be helpful too. URGENT.
  • Sprite implementation-
  • We need trainer sprites for the girl. It will be a big project so we may leave it for 1.6 or even 1.7. NOT URGENT.

Or, download it HERE - https://www.dropbox.com/s/zscvijrbuuxwbi1/Pokemon%20Gold%20Beta%20Alpha%201.3.zip?m=

New version out now! 1.5beta2! Added a new map!

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6

06 December 2013 9:49AM

Translation Help - PSP


I’m looking for some help with the translation of the Story Text for Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 6. I am just beginning to learn the Japanese language and have used online translators for the text.

This does, of course, present me with a set of text filled with grammatical errors. So I need help from anyone who is able to translate Japanese text into English.

When any changes are submitted to me regarding either text, I will immediately update the files online.


Story Text: http://www.mediafire.com/view/txi9eake99guxv7/Tag%20Force%206%20Story.txt

Machine Translated Text: http://www.mediafire.com/view/y8g7fh3k2llqpnw/Tag%20Force%206%20Story%20(Machine%20Translated).txt

Donkey Konga 2

25 November 2013 5:48PM

Translation Help - GC

I require a Japanese speaker to check and correct any translation errors for the Japanese songs / genres / comments for my “Donkey Konga 2 - Importing Japan Songs into USA Version” project.

I have the put all the necessary details along with my notes into a Microsoft Word (.doc) file which can be downloaded here: https://www.mediafire.com/?8kyszmds8lm8gya

Any help would be appreciated.


24 November 2013 6:42PM

Beta Testing - NES

I am looking for some testers this holiday season to test at least one of the games I am looking to release soon. Please contact me for more information.

Final Fantasy VII

12 November 2013 7:16PM

Technical Help - PSX


I’m looking for someone skilled enough in romhacking that could restore (and fix) some aspects of the game. This is what must be fixed:

  • Resize the battle message box (the attack/skill one) to match its original size;
  • Restore the two-column style in the item submenu (not only in the field menu, but in battle too);
  • Fix the Equip/Materia/Status/PHS submenus, removing the useless spaces.

If you need more information or screenshots, just email me.

Earth Seeker

03 November 2013 8:45PM

Technical Help - WII

Hi Gents,

I’m looking for some assistance on the technical side when doing this translation, when dealing with WII games.

I believe these are the major files to look at.

etcmessage.ffx, ffxfile.pac, gamemessage00.ffx, sysmessage.ffx.

I have some of the script done, just by playing the game and identifying what everything means with a native japanese speaker.

PM me on here, I think this would be a great game, as the WII has stopped being made… so seeing this released is just a dream.

Thank you


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