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ACE COMBAT 3 electrosphere

21 February 2015 8:50PM

Translation Help - PSX

Japanese to English

Character biographies. About 50 lines.

The Legend of Iowa

27 January 2015 8:08PM

Technical Help - NES

I’m looking for a good pixel artist to clean up the front- and back-view frames of the “Chicken” enemy, using the side-view frames as a template. (The side-view art is an 8-bit rendition of the chickens found in Link to the Past.) The artist will be acknowledged in the game’s End Credits sequence.

As indicated by the shading, these sprites are displayed in a horizontally mirrored, or “inkblot” format.


Mario Gaiden (Groundbreaking SMB1 Hack)

16 January 2015 9:40PM

Technical Help - NES

Now that the major system changes are near complete and I’ll move on to the next stage presumably soon, I’m here to look for any DEDICATED people who can DRAW GRAPHICS for me.

This hack will be promising, check the related URL. One of the significant systems is custom background and even parallax scrolling background.

Art style required: Not really light-hearted like in SMB3.

Square Rush (Working Title)

13 January 2015 8:57PM

Technical Help - NES

It is a side scrolling game where you controll a little square and avoid obstacles. So far, it has got a menu, proper (but improveable) collision detection, RLE level format, a screen editor and level composer (which are not completely done, but i will have them done shortly). I also intend to include a random level generator for never ending fun, but this will be at the very end when everything else is done from coding side :)

I want to reach out to any artist and musician (as I am neither of both, see my brilliant ingame artwork :D). i am lacking a title screen, catchy music (SE are not important/going to be included as i dont think its neccessary) and levels, so if anyone is interested to collaborate and hand in something to include, i would really appreciate it. Ideas and improvements are welcome too, just pm me over at nesdev (you can also find me on this board).

Check out the thread on nesdev for pictures and a video

Earth Seeker

06 January 2015 8:19AM

Translation Help - WII

This is an Action RPG similar to monster hunter, but with a girl as the main hero.

The game is actually really easy to hex edit, the issue stands now is getting assistance on the script. I’ve had a few offers, but nothing concrete. I’d greatly appreciate assistance.

What’s done. All four script files dumped. maybe 40-60% poorly translated Graphics are dripped and extracted, some have been done. I’ve had a few issues where putting them back into the game causing white screens, so we’re looking into that.

That’s really it, the game is pretty straight forward, just hex editing and/or script dump+input back into it, and graphics updated.

Dragon Quest 6

04 December 2014 5:10PM

Technical Help - SNES

I have made a Previous Ad about some things that I already had found out in the game via using SNES 9X Debug and Dejinn Tile Mapper,

This time it is about Code Modification on 2 locations used in the 2 BPP GB Format 8×8 Proportional Font are that I want to get some help on which includes 2 things,

1, Changing the Numeric Data location in the Battle Text used by the Code “BB” and have the allocation be changed from 02-0B to offset 30-39 which is the Standard ASCII Numeric location which I have Reworked in the Game,

And 2, Removing the 16 Character(90-9F) and re-implement the code into both a 1 Character Auto Line Function(as used in Dragon Quest 3r DQ Translations Game) and change the Code to block 7F,

Not sure if many understand this, and as much many want to see this SNES DQ Game Completed, but these are the 2 things I need help on, since I have already Located the Code Base of the “Double Line” Header, but having trouble finding the Numeric location of the Table for code “BB”.

Dragon Force II

28 November 2014 6:11AM

Beta Testing - SAT

The Dragon Force II English translation project is wrapping up! All we need now are a ton of people to play through the game, helping us track down grammatical oddities and any remaining bugs.

Sign up at this Verve Fanworks thread and we’ll be with you with more details shortly.

Persona 2 - Eternal Punishment

13 October 2014 6:17PM

Technical Help - PSX

Currently looking for assistance in undubbing Persona 2 - Eternal Punishment to replace the voices in the English game with the Japanese voices.

What is currently undubbed

  • Cutscenes
  • Normal dialouge however has syncing issues such as playing too late or early

What isn’t undubbed

  • Battle voices
  • Demon sounds

What needs to be done is to sync the dialogue in order to match the text being shown as well as replace all the remaining audio which needs to resize or move some things around in order for it to work.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Bakutou Ankoku Bujutsu Kai

11 October 2014 11:22PM

Translation Help - NES

I’m looking for a translator for this YYH game. It’s a fighting game made for Bandai’s Famicom add-on, the Datach. It’s essentially a Famicom game with the addition of barcodes. It’s also appears to be a pretty decent fighter despite limitations of the system. There’s not a lot of text, mostly technique names, system text and some story text. I’m only looking for someone familiar with the series and who could also match up everything so that it’s the same as the official translation/localization.

Dramatic Dungeon: Sakura Taisen

18 August 2014 8:48AM

Translation Help - NDS

Hi there!

I am trying to find a translator for the DS game “Dramatic Dungeon: Sakura Taisen”, which was made by the recently bankrupt Neeverland Company. The game itself is a mix between a visual novel and a dungeon crawler a la the Mystery Dungeon series or Shiren the Wanderer.

Here is a list of what needs to be translated:

  • Menu text

  • Dialogue

  • Text in images (I can do the graphics editing and inserting myself)

So far, I have dumped all of the character dialogue, (to my knowledge) all of the menu text and most of the images.

Here is an example of one of the main character’s bio with some text added in and here is a comparison between two image animations.

You can contact me via email by clicking on my name below.


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