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Final Fantasy 6 Steam

06 January 2016 8:37PM

Technical Help - GBA

The Final Fantasy Modding Group on Steam is looking for help with documenting the Final Fantasy 6 Steam release.

So far, we have found that that an original Japanese FFVI gba rom is used by the engine. Krisan Thyme, from the group, hex edited the rom and replaced the Elixer from the clock with another item successfully. So the rom is definitely used, but we also know that most of the art/audio assets are used outside of the rom.

We are looking for someone to collaborate with in creating a technical document to help with future modding.

For all of those interested, please consult with Krisan Thyme on Steam and/or Nyxo on Twitter from the group.

Krisan Thyme: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197971797914/

Nyxo: https://twitter.com/rivernyxx

Group Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ff-modding


Oracle of Secrets

17 December 2015 5:25AM

Technical Help - GB

I am working on a semi total conversion mod for the Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. I have been working on this for quite some time and have promised never to abandon it. I have run into a few roadblocks and could use some help from people who are experienced in zole, zote, and zose. Specifically I need you to reprogram the event where Link gets his sword. That is bugged. Also I could use help locating the graphics for Ralph, and working on the text. If you are interested please message me.

Fate/Extra CCC

27 September 2015 8:36PM

Translation Help - PSP

This is for a translation for the PSP RPG, Fate/Extra CCC. A translation project started at GBATemp, but the hacker gave up on it. Myself and Esper Knight have figured out the remainder and have the game set to go for insertion, but the previous project’s translator does not want his work used, so we need a new one.

Keep in mind this game has a MASSIVE script, more like a VN than an RPG. I will handle the editing and help as much as I can.

unchained blades exxiv

31 August 2015 9:32PM

Technical Help - PSP

Hello everyone. I have finished the translation of the extracted item/skills/etc files for unchained blades exxiv. I am currently looking for help to put those files back into the iso, but I did not extract them myself and do not know what files they came from, (eboot, .pak, ect) someone else extracted for me. I also have the game scripts which I will start translating when I have time. I wanted to do the menu patch first sense it was the easier one to do. So if anyone knows how to hack into this game to find the location to add these files to any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Monster Party

30 August 2015 9:06PM

Technical Help - NES

I am currently entertaining the idea of working with someone else to finish the prototype ROM of Monster Party. For all my projects, my main focus is always to just translate a game, but the prototype of this game is unfinished and needs to be finished. I don’t want to just release a translation for the unfinished game, I want to do additional hacking to make the game complete.

What I have in mind is either doing a disassembly of the game’s code and/or an extensive ROM comparison so that the refinements made to the US ROM are added to the prototype.

I am in the process of translating/localizing the boss text and once I am finished with that, I want to start adding back the changes that were made to the US release. It would be ideal if someone were working concurrently with me, which would speed things up.

Homeland (gamecube)

20 July 2015 11:07PM

Technical Help - GC

The homeland project - (GameCube, project in stand-by)

Hi, I just discovered an interesting project which has started in 2011 but has been stuck for a while.

A Japanese exclusive GameCube game called Homeland. Besides being a good game and a cute dungeon crawler RPG, this was one of the only GameCube games with online multiplayer, along with PSO. What’s even more interesting is that it will be playable online forever eventhough the official servers were put down a long time ago, because the devs had the bright idea to let the GameCube itself act as a server if needed.

This game can only be played on a Japanese GameCube, because if you play it with a freeloader the text becomes all scrambled up and makes it buggy and hardly playable even if you had a guide to play without understanding Japanese, especially online. So a translation would also fix that.

The translation project had started on GC forever, http://www.gc-forever.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=523&start=48

You can read the page 5-7 of the thread to follow the evolution of the project but here is a quick tl;dr

A hacker called jaytheham had figured out how to extract the text, created a tool to dump the “CNDY” files and said that the re-pointering and the text insertion was pretty easy to do, but he left the project soon after.

The other guys tried to continue the project but they had not much hacking skill and could only extract 50% of the text and did not try to insert new text. As usual the translation won’t be a problem, they have an army of translator who know the game very well and ready to help when the time comes.

So I just wanted to put some light on this project in case an experienced hacker is interested by this challenge, which based on what the first hacker said is not so hard to do for someone with experience. This work would allow this GameCube game to be played online by everybody forever so I thought this might interest someone here !!

It’s a shame that this project could not be done, so I thought it was a worth a try to talk about it here, since they didn’t know about this place.

Operation Winback

20 July 2015 11:06PM

Technical Help - PS2

I’m looking for someone with debugging knowledge in order to modify the code related to picking up pieces of textures on the game Operation Winback for PlayStation 2.

I’ve started a translation recently and all I have left to do is changing some graphics, but the game reads specific portions of those. Each language (PAL version has English, French and German) changes the portions, so it should be something that can be looked for.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP

27 June 2015 7:17AM

Translation Help - PSP

This translation will be using the Atlus PS1 script as a base. Retranslating it from scratch would take way too much needless time. The script is not bad. Not great, but easily repaired with some touching up.

What we need help with is any text not translated by the Atlus PS1 release. This includes, but is not limited to: gameplay, demonary, Tatsuya’s Eldritch Adventures, anything the extraction missed, etc.

Hybrid Front

17 May 2015 2:49PM

Translation Help - GEN


I need help from a fluent Japanese - English trasnlator to help me to achieve the trasnlation of the Hybrid Front, a Megadrive wargame by Sega.

It’s one of the numerous strategy wargames that went out in Japan at this era, but didn’t receive a localization.

Its specificities are :

  • a sci-fi based plot, rather than Fantasy or WW2 that were more prominent at the time
  • a high level realization by the standard of the era (nice illustrations, an OST still praised)

So far, I played the game up to the first assault, dumped every single text I found, coded Python scripts to reinsert translated text, coded several hacks to change on-the-fly graphics loaded when a menu appear, and python scripts to generate those graphics from a png file.

Doing that, I identified some pointers tables, so that my script dump contains most, if not all, the game.

What remains to do from the hacking side is :

  • to identify other menu during the game (which should not cause a lot of problems since I identified the menu drawing routines)
  • to implement a VWF for the small texts (as you can see in the screenshots, yu’re limited to very few characters, which would be really painfull in English). I already coded VWF routines for various games (check the translation of Psy-O-Blade for example), so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Notice that script texts (big font in captures) is not limited in such a way (in fact it’s not limited at all since the text scrolls)

Here are some links :

  • two threads from the board when I was working on the hacks (big thanks to Seihen, mz and Midna) : here and there
  • a patch showing altered text (the texts are not really translated, just edited with nonsensical stuff for testing purpose) (the fonts are also temporary) (screenshots below) : here
  • a video containing gameplay of the first minutes of the game : youtube
  • a scan of the japanese manual : from segaretro
  • all the texts I’ve dumped so far, along with some menu layouts (graphics files ; the colors are wrong but it’s on purpose) : here

Screenshots of the current patch :

If you’re interested in this project, please contact me via the RHDN board or by mail.

Mario's Nightmare Quest

04 May 2015 8:56PM

Technical Help - SNES

I’m currently working on a rather… technically complex Super Mario World mod. Unfortunately, while I have help in terms of beta testing and programming, I still need some for the following:

1. Creating custom graphics, for things not found in existing video games or sprite sheets. These include custom tilesets and objects for Zelda style levels and enemy graphics for characters from recent games like Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Mario & Luigi Dream Team.

2. Music porting, since we know nothing about porting music from MIDIs or by ear.

So if you’re either a good pixel artist or a good music porter, contact us in the topic on the forums or at SMW Central, we’d much appreciate it!

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