Help on 'NewsImage' field.

This field is for a URL(web link) to a screenshot you have for this entry. It is preferred that your file is stored in a compressed image format. PNG, JPG, or GIF are most common. RHDN’s submission form cannot retrieve screenshots from your computer, you MUST upload them somewhere else first. URLs to the screenshots must be a direct link, meaning when that URL is entered in a browser, the image displays immediately. If you do not have web space of your own, RHDN offers a courtesy Scratchpad service (Submissions->The Scratchpad) that you may use for this purpose. Additional Help on screenshots along with recommended places to upload your screenshots for the submission can be found on the RHDN Policy page (Help->RHDN Policy).

When using one image, image size may be up to 640×480. When using both images, each image may only be 320×240 in size. These are the maximum size images allowed to run on our front news page. This is for courtesy to our visitors who may use lower resolutions.

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