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(1441 to 1460) of 2027 Results
TitleAlt TitlePubDateGenrePlatform AscendingDocsUtilsTransHacks
Yugekitai: Saikyoushin Fukkatsu no MakiNo Alternate TitleTKO Soft1997AdventurePC98NNYN
Yugekitai Kakuto Hen ~Saikyoushin Fukkatsu no Maki~No Alternate TitleTKO Soft10 March 1998Action > FightingPC98NNYN
Farland Story 4Farland Story - Hakugin no TsubasaTGL11 November 1994Strategy > Turn BasedPC98NNYN
Marble CookingNo Alternate TitleNegative1994PuzzlePC98NNYN
PolicenautsNo Alternate TitleKonami29 July 1994AdventurePC98NNNN
AgaltaNo Alternate TitleFenrir1993Role PlayingPC98NNYN
Farland Story 3Farland Story - Tenshi no NamidaTGL15 July 1994Strategy > Turn BasedPC98NNYN
Farland Story 6Farland Story: Kamigami no IsenTGL21 July 1995Strategy > Turn BasedPC98NNYN
The ScreamerNo Alternate TitleASCII1986Role Playing > Action RPGPC98NNYN
Ruruli ra RuraNo Alternate TitleNEC Home Electronics20 February 1998Action > PlatformerPCFXNNYN
Red Riding Hood ChachaAkazukin Chacha - Osawagase! Panic Race!NEC25 October 1996BoardgamePCFXNNNN
Miraculum: The Last RevelationNo Alternate TitleRayForce Inc.March 1996Role PlayingPCFXNYNN
Welcome to Pia CarrotPia Carrot e YoukosouCocktail Soft23 May 1997Dating SimPCFXNNYN
Choujin Heiki ZeroigarGod-Fighter ZeroigarNEC08 August 1997Action > ShooterPCFXNNYN
Jade Cocoon 2Tamamayu Monogatari 2Ubisoft30 August 2001Role PlayingPS2NNNY
Tales of Destiny 2No Alternate TitleNamco28 November 2002Role Playing > Action RPGPS2NNYN
SOS: The Final EscapeZettaizetsumei Toshi; Disaster ReportAgetec25 April 2002Action AdventurePS2NNYN
OkamiOokamiCapcom20 April 2006Role Playing > Action RPGPS2NNYN
Zill O'll InfiniteNo Alternate TitleKoei23 June 2005Role PlayingPS2NNYN
Phantasy Star Generation:2Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 17: Phantasy Star Generation:2Sega24 March 2005Role PlayingPS2NNYN
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