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TitleAlt Title AscendingPubDateGenrePlatformDocsUtilsTransHacks
Door DoorENIX1984Action > PlatformerMSXNNYN
ChoroQTAITO1984Action > PlatformerMSXNNYN
Circus CharlieKonami1984ActionMSXNNYN
ChoplifterSony1985Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
Pine ApplinZAP1984Action > PlatformerMSXNNYN
GuardicCompile1986Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
King & BalloonNamco1984Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
Pichu Bros. MiniNintendo Co., Ltd16 Nov 2001ActionPMININNYN
ThexderSquareSoft19 Dec 1985Action > ShooterNESNNYN
Sword MasterActivisionJan 1992Action > PlatformerNESNNYN
Mr. NutzOcean1994Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
Mr. NutzOceanAug 1994Action > PlatformerSNESNNYN
Mr NutzOcean1994Action > PlatformerGBNNYN
Hyper RallyKonami1985RacingMSXNNYN
GalaxianNamco1984Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri DungeonNamco10 November 2000Role PlayingGBNNYN
Alibaba and 40 ThievesSony1984ActionMSXNNYN
KnightmareKonamiJan 1986Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
Tekken 5Namco24 Feb 2005Action > FightingPS2NNNY
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