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    Swapped the primary and alternative names. The original Japanese title should be used first with the translated title used as an alternate. The original name of the rom has been made the primary name. Kinda odd that the Japanese title makes more sense than the supposed translated title, but I didn't make the names I just swapped them lol.
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    Just another name swap. The Japanese name is "Lipple Island" and I figure it should be the primary name and the translated name "Ripple Island" should be the alternative. :)
  • Games
    The given name for this game was a translated name. The original name attached to the rom file and found elsewhere as the name for this game was not included except in the translation notes of which rom to use. I have made the rom name the primary name and the translated one the "alternative" name. I do believe that should be how it is. :)
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    Expanded readme documentation.
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TitleAlt Title AscendingPubDateGenrePlatformDocsUtilsTransHacks
Zexas LimiteddB-SOFT1985Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
Run SaberAtlus8 June 1993Action > PlatformerSNESNNYN
Star ForceHudson Soft1985Action > ShooterMSXNNYN
Snake Rattle 'n' RollSega1993Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
Bomber Man SpecialHudson Soft1986ActionMSXNNYN
Bomber ManHoney Bee Soft1983ActionMSXNNYN
SD Gundam - Gachapon Senshi 4 - NewType StoryYutaka21 December 1991Strategy > Turn BasedNESNNYN
Gendai Daisenryaku 2002System Soft24 September 2002StrategyPCNNYN
Cabbage Patch KidsKonami1984Action > PlatformerMSXNNYN
Championship Lode RunnerSega1985Action > PlatformerSG1KNNYN
Super RunnerPony CanyonDec 1987ActionMSXNNYN
RoboCop Versus The TerminatorInterplayAugust 1994Action > PlatformerGBNNYN
WarlockAcclaim1994Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
Robocop Versus The TerminatorVirgin InteractiveNovember 1993Action > PlatformerSNESNNYN
Super Space InvadersDomark1991Action > ShooterSMSNNYN
Super Space InvadersDomark27 September 1990Action > ShooterGGNNYN
PuggsyPsygnosis1993Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
GodsMindscape1992Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
Space HarrierTakara06 January 1989Action > ShooterNESNNYN
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