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TitleAlt TitlePubDateGenrePlatform AscendingDocsUtilsTransHacks
Ka-Ge-Ki - Fists of SteelSage's Creation1991Action > Beat 'Em UpGENNNYN
Saint SwordTaito Corporation27 June 1991Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
Tiny Toon Adventures - Acme All-StarsACME All StarsKonami1994SportsGENNNYN
Cutthroat IslandAcclaim1995Action AdventureGENNNYN
Cool SpotVirgin Interactive18 February 1994Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
Air DiverSeismic1990Action > ShooterGENNNYN
Fatal LabyrinthShi no MeikyuuSega1991Role Playing > Action RPGGENNNYN
G-LOC Air BattleSega1993SimulationGENNNYN
Man Overboard!Codemasters1994Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
JammitVirgin Interactive1994SportsGENNNYN
Final ZoneFZ Senki AxisRenovation1990Action > ShooterGENNNYN
Prince of PersiaTengen1993Action > PlatformerGENNNYY
Predator 2Arena1992Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
Shadow BlastersSage's Creation9 Aug 1990Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
Side PocketData East1992SportsGENNNYN
Sword of SodanElectronic Arts1990Action > Beat 'Em UpGENNNYN
Bubba N StixCore Design Ltd.1993Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
Bubble and SqueakSunSoft1994Action > PlatformerGENNNYN
Deadly MovesKaneko14 Aug 1992Action > FightingGENNNYN
Ishido - The Way of the StonesAccolade1990PuzzleGENNNYN
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