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(61 to 80) of 144 Results
Title AscendingSourceWidthHeightDescriptionLangDate
Final Fantasy 7Final Fantasy 7 US versionVWF12Probably the greatest RPG in the history, despite its bad translation. This font is very similar to “Verdana”.EN22 March 2014
Final Fantasy Advance Fixed Width Menu FontFinal Fantasy Advance/DS Series88A fixed width menu font, created by Dragonsbrethren, which was based on the fonts used in many of the recent portable Final Fantasy games. Shading and shadowing were added to the formerly variable w….EN19 June 2009
Final Fantasy Classic Menu FontVarious Squaresoft RPGs88If you’ve played a Squaresoft RPG on the Super NES or Game Boy, chances are you’ve seen a variation of this font. It’s a simple, easy-to-read menu font, which has well proportioned letters. This copy has been slightly enhanced by [url=….EN19 June 2009
FinS 8x16 fontsvarious816This is a pack of 10 8×16 fonts obtained from various sources and edited by me. They are single color fonts occasionally using an extra bit for depth. I mostly try to left justify my fonts and center them vertically but you may find more work needs t….EN22 March 2014
FinS 8x8 fontsvarious88This is my pack of 7 8×8 fonts which I have accumulated from various sources and edited myself. I try to left justify my fonts and center them vertically but you my find alterations are necessary. They are mostly single color.EN23 March 2014
Flashback Modern Font w/ ShadingFlashback - SNES88Here is a font extracted from the game Flashback for SNES. It is a font which uses shading and includes uppercase,lowercase, and numbers.EN11 June 2013
Full MoonSpoony Bard816Here is a font which contains numbers, uppercase, and lowercase lettering.EN07 July 2013
Future Robotic FontShadow Brain88Here is a future style robotic font from the game Shadow Brain for the NES. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers.EN11 June 2013
Gargoyles Quest II FontGargoyles Quest II - NES88Here is a font extracted from the game Gargoyles Quest II for NES. It includes uppercase,lowercase, and numbers.EN11 June 2013
Ghost & Goblins FontGhost & Goblins88Here is a font extracted from Ghosts & Goblins for NES. It includes uppercase lettering & numbers.EN11 June 2013
Gothic Castlevania FontCastlevania III88Here is a Gothic themed font from Castlevania III. It contains uppercase & lowercase lettering as well as numbers.EN12 June 2013
Gothic Font - Demon's CrestDemon's Crest88Here is a Gothic themed font extracted from Demon’s Crest. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers.EN02 October 2015
Gradius FontGradius III88Here is the font extracted from Gradius III. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers.EN08 September 2013
Impossible Mission II FontImpossible Mission II88Here is a font extracted from Impossible Mission II. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers.EN11 June 2013
Journey To SiliusJourney To Silius - NES88Here is a wide letter font extracted from Journey To Silius. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers.EN11 June 2013
kbfontDragon Warrior88A heavily-modified Dragon Warrior font. Includes both left and right quotes, and tiles for ii, ll, li, and il.EN19 June 2009
KingMike's Deep Dungeon FontDeep Dungeon 3 - KingMikes English Translation88Here is a font extracted from the English translation of Deep Dungeon III done by KingMike. It contains upper and lower case lettering as well as numbers.EN15 June 2013
Korean Chin9Unknown816Typewriter-style 4bpp Korean font. Contains both version with or without shadow.KO12 July 2014
Korean Yamche FontUnknown77This is a custom 7×7 Korean font set, created by unnamed user and used in numerous fan translations.KO11 June 2014
Korean ZizoncheFFIV Korean Translation88This is 8×8 size Korean font created by Team Redwing while working on FFIV translation project.KO12 July 2014
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