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TitleSourceWidthHeightDescriptionLangDate Descending
Modern DOS 8BIOS/OEM DOS88Modern DOS is the default BIOS/OEM DOS monospaced font from the mid-90s to present for many different old to new computer and laptop models. This font graphics was released to the public domain.EN27 August 2014
Korean Chin9Unknown816Typewriter-style 4bpp Korean font. Contains both version with or without shadow.KO12 July 2014
Korean ZizoncheFFIV Korean Translation88This is 8×8 size Korean font created by Team Redwing while working on FFIV translation project.KO12 July 2014
Korean Yamche FontUnknown77This is a custom 7×7 Korean font set, created by unnamed user and used in numerous fan translations.KO11 June 2014
Military Stencil Font - 1943194388Here is a military style stencil font extracted from 1943 for NES. It contains uppercase lettering and numbers.EN09 June 2014
Deuce's FontDeuce88Here is a font which contains Uppercase and Lowercase characters with numbers and symbols.EN04 May 2014
8-bit Operator+ 8GrandChaos9000888-bit Operator+ 8 is a pixel monospaced font with regular and bold weight.EN24 April 2014
SEGA'85Multiple SEGA Games88Ripped for font with custom bold letters from multiple SEGA Master System games such as Action Fighter, Out Run, Wonder Boy series, etc., it was released in the mid-to-late 80s by SEGA.EN30 March 2014
FinS 8x8 fontsvarious88This is my pack of 7 8×8 fonts which I have accumulated from various sources and edited myself. I try to left justify my fonts and center them vertically but you my find alterations are necessary. They are mostly single color.EN23 March 2014
FinS 8x16 fontsvarious816This is a pack of 10 8×16 fonts obtained from various sources and edited by me. They are single color fonts occasionally using an extra bit for depth. I mostly try to left justify my fonts and center them vertically but you may find more work needs t….EN22 March 2014
Parasite Eve (Japanese version)Parasite Eve Japan editionVWF12Japanese character set used in the Japanese release. It contains English characters as well.JA22 March 2014
Parasite Eve (English version)Parasite Eve US editionVWF12The original font used in the US version of Parasite Eve. Looks like an old typewritter font.EN22 March 2014
Final Fantasy 7Final Fantasy 7 US versionVWF12Probably the greatest RPG in the history, despite its bad translation. This font is very similar to “Verdana”.EN22 March 2014
Chrono TriggerJacksterVWF12Beautiful font extracted from one of the greatest RPGs there are: Chrono Trigger. This font is very similar to Chicago font.EN22 March 2014
Chicago (dropshadow)SquaresoftVWF12The classic font Chicago used in several Squaresoft games and very popular among fan translators, this one has the dropshadow included.EN22 March 2014
Persian M.M.G FontMohammad Mahdi Gaeini (From Iran)169This Is The Best Persian Font For NES. Enjoy! Created By Mohammad Mahdi Gaeini (M.M.G) From Iran.FA21 February 2014
Retro Block FontExcitebike Hack - Risker88Here is a retro block style font which has all uppercase lettering.EN09 February 2014
M-Tee's Digital ChiselM-Tee88An original, stylized 8×8 font containing two typefaces: Original and Embossed. Suggested for use in games of ancient and pre-history settings that are not text-heavy. Characters include: 0-9 A-Z upper and lower , ‘ . ! ? ( ) / & “ ” ….EN11 January 2014
M-Tee's Elnark ShortM_Tee88Adapted from Towa Chiki’s Erunaaku no Zaihou, this font has been reduced from a standard height of 7 pixels to 6 to enable readability when used on consecutive rows of text. New lowercase characters and punctuation marks have been added as well…..EN30 December 2013
Arabic Font Pack (Medium)Self-Made816Arabic font set, which may prove useful for fan-translations for Arabic language and possibly, with some modifications, other languages using the same alphabet. The screenshot has a message that uses all Arabic letters and most of their unique for….AR02 October 2013
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