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Dr. Bowsette/Dr. Boosette Unsightly Pixel Mario Kart 64 CPUs use human items including shells SMB3 RELOADED

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Breath of Fire Star Soldier Star Force Seiken Acho

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BARF! Tilemap Studio Lightweight Checksum Calculator Valhalla

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Final Fantasy IV: The Darkness Within Rockman 3 - Endless Mario Kart 64 CPUs use human items including shells AFF Challenge

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Snifit Returns Final Fantasy V: Ancient Cave Boat-Race Super Mario Land 3: Tatanga's Return

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Final Fantasy I+II Mega Man X6 Breath of Fire Metal Slug: 2nd Mission

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    I had no idea that the game would not start because of the bankswitch code. All have been fixed now.
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    "No title screen" was checked even though the hack had included a new title screen, and was already uploaded.
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    Removed screenshot
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    Removed changes like level tables and treasure chest content as they are outside the scope of this patch.
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Mirror MoonYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Comeback Courtroom 3 Fan Translation ProjectYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Dark Twilkitri Net Translation DivisionYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Radical R's Star Platinum TranslationYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Mukimuki & ShintaYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
The Rosetta GroupNoNoNoYesNoEnglish
Kongming's ArchivesYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Illusion City: The TranslationYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Shining Force CentralYesNoNoYesYesEnglish
Thracia 776 ROM Translation ProjectYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Nick PNoNoNoYesNoEnglish
aka translationsYesNoNoYesYesEnglish
Digital Game TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
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