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Name AscendingGroupDocsUtilsTransHacksLanguage
The Helmeted RodentNoNoYesNoNoEnglish
The Heroes of ShadowNoNoNoYesNoEnglish
the jabuNoNoNoNoYesEnglish
The KinsNoNoNoNoYesEnglish
The KirbyNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
The KomradeNoNoNoNoYesEnglish
The Lettuce KingNoNoNoNoYesEnglish
The Lone MoogleNoNoNoYesNoEnglish
The M.C.A.NoNoYesNoNoEnglish
The Melody MakerNoNoYesNoNoEnglish
The Mojon TwinsNoNoNoNoNoEnglish
The Ranma TeamYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
The Real PhoenixNoNoNoNoYesEnglish
The Real Phoenix & Ten ShuNoNoNoNoYesEnglish
The Rockman EXE ZoneYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
The RooserNoNoNoNoYesEnglish
The Rosetta GroupNoNoNoYesNoEnglish
The Shining Force III Translation ProjectYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
The SlothNoNoNoNoYesEnglish
The SpookNoYesNoNoNoEnglish