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NameGroup AscendingDocsUtilsTransHacksLanguage
PL Trans ForceYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
JPN TranslationsYesYesNoYesNoEnglish
Partial TranslationsYesYesNoYesNoEnglish
Penguin TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Phantasian ProductionsYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
L.S.F. English ProjectYesNoNoYesYesEnglish
Hexagon TraduçõesYesNoNoYesNoPortuguese
PR TranslationsYesNoNoYesYesEnglish
Evil Darkness TraduçõesYesNoNoYesNoPortuguese
Vagrant TraduccionesYesNoNoYesNoSpanish
Project: Sailor MoonYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Operation DecodedYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Nebulous TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
Phantom TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoEnglish
DreamWave GamesYesYesNoNoNoEnglish
SEGA SaturnoYesNoNoYesNoSpanish
Razor-X TranslationsYesNoNoYesNoEnglish