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Chat/IRC Overview

This is where you can chat with all your peers.

Many experienced community members and motivated newcomers are regularly visiting our IRC and Discord chat rooms. If you'd like to have a chat with your favorite ROM hacker or if you're looking for help with understanding a complicated hacking concept, it's the place to be if you want live communication.

Don't know what IRC or Discord are? It doesn't matter! You can immediate chat on either by clicking the links below from this very page!

Discord Information:

Click here to Chat on Discord now!

IRC channel information:

Click Here to Chat on IRC Now! (Only RHDN account holders can use the web based IRC chat client)

  • Server:
  • Channel -
  • If you're having problems connecting, you can use one of the servers from Darkmyst.

New to IRC? Here are some basic things to know about:

Not everyone who is online in the channel is actually in front of the PC at that particular moment. Give people some time to reply and don't get disappointed too quickly if no one answers immediately. Also keep in mind that the people from our community live in many different time-zones, so it might be in the middle of the night for some of them while you're sweating in the daylight sun. Patience usually pays off!

Channel rules:

  1. Be friendly and respectful to others
  2. Don't ask us how/where to obtain illegal material (Especially ROMs)
  3. Please use common sense and ask meaningful questions if you're here for help
  4. Don't do !list

Gross misconduct in the IRC channel might lead to repercussions on the website and vice-versa


If you visit the channel through the Java client you'll get an automatically generated nickname assigned to you. People like to talk to persons who are identifiable, so please change your nickname after you entered the channel.

To do this type "/nick NICKNAME" into the chat. Replace NICKNAME with a name of your choice.

If you plan on becoming a regular visitor, please consider registering your nickname. It reserves the nickname for you so no one else can use it while you're away. Also, it may allow you to get voiced status later on (see below).

To do this, simply type "/msg NickServ REGISTER YOURPASSWORD YOUREMAILADDRESS" into the chat window. Replace "YOURPASSWORD" with a password of your choice and replace "YOUREMAILADDRESS" with a valid e-mail address.

User Groups

Some users have special characters in front of their names, and depending on which client you use their names might also appear in a different color or with small graphics next to their names.

A "+" in front of a name means the user is voiced. The privilege doesn't technically matter for our IRC channel, but it's given to community members who are experienced hackers/translators so that you can instantly see people who can give you good advice. If you're an established hacker yourself and you'd like to get voice status too, make sure you have a registered nick and message DarkSol about it.

An "@" sign in front a name means the user is a channel operator. These people run the channel and keep things in order. Be polite to them and don't break any rules or they might throw you out of the channel. This status is only given out by invitation from the existing IRC staff.

The IRC Bot

We also have an IRC bot in the channel which might be able to help you with frequently asked questions. To display the information type "!rules" or "!help" into the chat.

About getting site related help

Last but not least: There are a few people from site/moderation staff that are usually online on IRC too. You may ask them about site/moderation issues, but it's possible the person you need to talk to specifically isn't around. If it's something important and site related, please always use the Contact Staff link instead. This way nothing gets lost and everyone on staff will be notified about it.